never love a wild thing

Picture of a water sky. In an overcast cloudy day sea ice is reflected white on the clouds - so the clouds appear light in color. In contrast the water is reflected as a dark color. This dark is the water sky. Taken in Antarctica.

lotr meme → 6/8 quotes


Albrecht Dürer, Six Studies of Pillows (1493)

He’s a ghost.


Double Knot Ponytail | Once Wed



Kim Dong-kyu

Underexposed polaroid next to an overexposed one - Derek Paul Boyle

There was a time, I used to look into my father’s eyes
In a happy home, I was a queen I had a gold throne
Those days are gone, now the memories are on the wall
I hear the sounds from the places where I was born

I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes.

Tatiana Maslany on the complexity of women in Orphan Black

Mikhailovsky Ballet dancers in ‘Le Corsaire.’ 

amazing acoustic // twelve unplugged songs sung by truly breathtaking voices [listen]

Natalie Dormer attends the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards on August 25th, 2014 (x)